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Forestry & Logging Equipment Manufacturing

Forestry machinery manufacturers are well aware of the need for safe yet efficient forestry machines. Ordinary citizens realize just how difficult it is to take down a single tree, but in some cases—such as clearing space for roads and for humans settlements—hundreds or even thousands of trees must be harvested quickly while still providing safe working conditions for loggers. That’s why the need for utterly reliable metal components is paramount, as the quality and dependability of forestry machines can be a matter of life and death.

Types of Forestry and Logging Equipment

Since Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing was established more than 60 years ago, we have always served alongside reputable equipment manufacturers in their quest to offer efficiency and safety to workers in the logging industry. Our superior metal components can be used for such essential equipment like:

  • Feller bunchers. These machines are used to assist in clearing tree groves, and then it is also used to stack the felled trees onto the skidders for transport. These machines also use hydraulic shears to cut down smaller trees. The lighter versions of feller bunchers utilize a tractor chassis with rubber tires, while the larger versions have tracks similar to a bulldozer.
  • Log loaders. Lifting felled trees by hand is virtually impossible, since a tree can be as long as 40 feet and can weigh more than two tons. With log loaders, the task becomes infinitely easier, as these machines are used to lift and stack the logs properly on log trucks.
  • Swing yarders. Essentially, these machines can lift logs too, but they can do so from thousands of feet away. The logs are swung sideways and are arranged to lie on their sides, as they get nearer to the machine. Part of the equipment is a leaning tower where cables are hung downwards to fasten on the logs.

Other equipment which may also use our metal components and subassemblies include: skidders, bumpers, side panelse, grills, hoods, forwarders, excavators, and other forms of loaders.


The Importance of Safety in the Forestry and Logging Industry

Logging is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous lines of work in the world today—especially for an industry where workers don’t carry firearms! About 71 people die each year due to workplace conditions, and you can add to that the serious accidents that cause brain or spinal injuries that require long hospitalizations. In many of these cases, workers had a greater chance of suffering permanent disability.

It is because of these dangerous conditions that our customers in the forestry and logging equipment manufacturing industry insist on absolutely failsafe metal subassemblies and components. Our excellent track record of producing high-quality products that meet customer requirements and international standards stands as proof of our unceasing commitment to both efficiency and safety in the logging work environment.


An Additional Edge in Safety with AMT

Reliability and safety are guaranteed when forestry and logging equipment makers get their metal components from Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing. It’s something we guarantee fully since our systematic approach to metal fabrication and our constant insistence on quality has always produced components you can rely on.

It’s not just about lowered expenses (which by the way, you can get from our competitive pricing). With AMT, it’s also about reliability, quality, and safety as well.