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Healthcare Equipment Manufacturing

There is no industry more connected to issues of life and death than the health care industry. This has always been the most important concern of reputable medical equipment manufacturers. Here at Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing, we have served as dependable partners of the top medical equipment manufacturers in Canada and all over the world by producing reliable metal components and subassemblies, with competitive pricing and prompt delivery.

Types of Medical Equipment

AMT’s superb components and subassemblies have been incorporated into many different types of medical equipment, such as:

  • Laboratory and research equipment and tools. These machines can range in size and complexity, but they all assist medical researchers gain more knowledge—either about a particular patient or about a research subject.
  • Lighting systems. Healthcare workers require adequate lighting in order to work effectively, and our metal fabrications have proven to be reliable components in lighting systems all over North America.
  • Patient care systems in clinics and hospitals. The equipment used in emergency and operating rooms must be made with high-quality materials such as the ones we provide with our metal fabrications.
  • Equipment and facility generators. Generators serve as an important backup so that health care can be provided during a power outage or when doing field work.
  • Prosthetics and rehabilitative equipment. Once the immediate danger has passed, these tools can help patients on their way to recovery.

Medical Equipment Priorities

Due to the inherent nature of health care equipment, a greater emphasis on several crucial factors is to be expected. Lives and the health of patients are at stake. These factors include the following:

  • Reliability. Every component of a medical component must be absolutely trustworthy. At AMT, customers can expect utterly dependable parts—this is a long-standing tradition with us.
  • Precision. Our quality management system is undoubtedly without peer, and AMT has the facilities and the personnel to produce components that match exact customer specifications. AMT’s devotion to innovation makes sure that we always employ the latest and best equipment to produce whatever metal fabrication you require for your equipment.
  • Competitive pricing. For many years now, the cost of health care in North America has been growing exponentially. This has stirred concerns that high-quality health care is now beyond the reach of ordinary citizens. Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing is among the few that have succeeded in beating this onerous trend. Our components may be of high-quality, but they come with very competitive pricing. This allows medical equipment manufacturers to produce tools at a lower cost. The price savings can then be passed on to the patients, who can then get to use superior medical technology at a lower cost.

The AMT Assets

Our core values have helped us build stronger relationships with our customers from the medical equipment industry. We offer prompt delivery and competitive pricing with our industry-leading products, and we are also at the forefront in metal fabricating innovation.

At Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing, our customer-focus approach means that not only do we satisfy our immediate customers, but we also satisfy the patients who get to use the equipment in which our metal components are installed.