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Telecommunications Manufacturing

Telecom equipment manufacturers are probably among the most fickle and most exacting customers that use the services of metal fabricators like AMT. Unlike our competition, though, Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing, welcome such picky partners. That’s because our core values and abilities are the perfect match for their requirements. We at AMT direct all our efforts into providing complete customer satisfaction, and our philosophy and expertise line up nicely with the demands of our friends in the telecom industry.

Efficient Production and Prompt Delivery

Delays are one of the cardinal sins in the telecommunications manufacturing industry, and for good reason. That’s because every day you hear news about a new tablet or mobile device, or you read about more efficient Internet accessories for more reliable long-distance communications. Every day is the same story—innovation is virtually a daily occurrence in the trade.

That’s why any delay is costly, and too many delays can even cause a company to fold up. The telecommunications equipment manufacturing industry operates on a brisk pace, and it needs a partner in the metal fabrication industry which can keep up.

AMT, however, epitomizes the essence of efficiency, and our facilities can produce any size project without difficulty. And with our strategic location, on time delivery is always guaranteed.

Precise Customized Specifications

Telecommunications manufacturing companies are also known to demand metal components made with precise measurements. Even the slightest deviation from the specs can cause a telecom product to fail, especially now in the age of miniaturization. At AMT, though, our insistence on always using the latest technologies to outfit our facilities has served us in good stead. We can produce any metal component and subassembly to precise configurations, and our topnotch quality management systems can ensure that high standards for all our products are met, no matter how many and no matter how small (or how large).


There was a time not so long ago when consumers accepted the fact that telecom devices were flimsy and fragile. Today, many consumers demand sturdy telecom devices which can survive falls from various heights, or can even resist moisture. That’s a demand that telecom manufacturers have acceded to, and they expect their metal fabricating partners to follow suit. Fortunately, at AMT, we have always had the tradition of ensuring the durability and reliability of our components. We don’t just follow suit—we lead the industry in our insistence on durable components.

Competitive Pricing

Some metal fabricating companies prefer to charge higher prices for components with higher quality. Although that does sound fair in a way, here at AMT we strive and succeed in producing exceptionally high quality components, and we offer competitive pricing for them. We’ve made that possible by ruthlessly streamlining our operations so that our manufacturing process is one of the best. We save on unnecessary wastage and expenses, and those savings are passed on to our customers.

At Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing, we understand why the requirements of telecommunications manufacturing companies are so exacting—after all, we operate under the same basic principles.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is always tested by our customers in the telecommunications manufacturing industry, and we are proud to say that these are tests that we always pass with flying colors.