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Plasma Cutting Services

Plasma Cutting Services
Plasma Cutting Services
Plasma cutting is one of the most advanced and most effective means of cutting metals today. It is economical, and the process is very quick.

The use of plasma technology offers many advantages. For one, it doesn’t result in metal chips, unlike the processes that use metal cutting tools to cut across metal workpieces. It produces a cleaner edge, and it can be faster and more accurate. It can be made to cut various shapes with the application of CNC (computer numerical control) technology in order to produce the desired shape. Plasma can even cut heavier metal pieces that may be impractical to cut with other means such as conventional cutting tools or even laser.

What is Plasma?

For people outside the manufacturing industry, plasma is just a kind of advanced HD TV. But it is more apt to consider plasma as a state of matter, in addition to solid, liquid, and gas. For example, H2O can take the form of ice (solid), water (liquid), and steam (gas). These states aren’t different from one another simply because of their appearance. They differ in the energy levels they contain.

When you add more energy (as in heat) to ice, it becomes water. Add more heat to water, and it becomes steam because the heat vaporizes the water into its hydrogen and oxygen components. But when you continue to add more energy to these gases, they become ionized. The ionization makes the gas electrically conductive. It is this ionized and electrically conductive gas that is called plasma.

When a plasma cutter is used, an inert gas (or compressed air) is blown from the nozzle at a very high speed. At the same time, an electrical arc is passed through the gas with enough energy to turn some of the gas into plasma. The plasma produced is hot enough to melt the metal being cut and it has enough speed to blow away the molten metal from the cut.

The Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing Edge

Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing was already a leader in the metal fabrication industry when the use of plasma was introduced back in the 1960s, and when it was first used to cut metals in the 1980s. AMT has always been at the forefront in the use of advanced technology in order to fulfill the needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and that is evidenced by our ability to provide plasma cutting services Toronto and North American companies need for their metal components

Innovation has always been a hallmark of Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing, and our tools, processes, and personnel can provide the most effective and efficient plasma cutting services you are looking for, and we offer this service at very competitive prices. We have the advantage of a very long history, which has enabled us to develop the level of experience and expertise required for proper plasma cutting.

With our dogged insistence on quality control, we make sure that every facet of the plasma cutting process will be to your satisfaction.