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The Metal Fabricator of Choice

At first glance, Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing (AMT) is what it appears to be: a North American metal fabricator leading the industry. Since our founding in 1952, AMT has garnered an impeccable reputation for efficiency, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

Our unblemished reputation is in part due to the unrelentingly systematic approach we have developed through the years, in order to produce the superior quality products that our customers and the rest of the industry have come to expect from AMT.

But there is more to our company than meets the eye. We are more than just merely an efficient metal fabricator able to meet a diverse range of needs. It is more accurate to say that Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing is in partnership with all of our customers.

With our continuous focus on our customers’ needs and satisfaction, we succeed in being able to generate innovative solutions which we have enhanced to elevate them—and us—from the competition. Our unceasing commitment to customer satisfaction suffuses into all aspects of our services: from design and development to production and delivery.

At the heart of the AMT service is our total quality management standards, which emphasize our dedication towards performing according to the needs of our customers and our continuous devotion to continuously seeking improvements. We are duty-bound and able to manage any project no matter the size—whether we are asked to produce a solitary customized piece or directed to oversee an entire production run.

Our company combines the cost leadership strategy of implementing efficient operations (resulting in lower costs and therefore lower prices) with the differentiation strategy of developing and providing unique products for specific customer requirements. This combination results in the inevitable production of superior-quality products with competitive pricing. In short, we make better quality products that are available to everyone—from local shops to Fortune 500 companies.

It has been more than 60 years since we started, and now we find ourselves at the forefront of the metal fabricating industry. With our never-ending focus on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations through our products and services, we maintain our stellar reputation and continue to be the metal fabricator of choice for many decades.