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Our Certifications and Achievements

Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing (AMT) doesn’t just strive for high quality metal fabrication products. We achieve it.

That achievement is demonstrated by the fact that AMT is a long standing ISO 9001:2015 & Controlled Good (GGD) certified manufacturer. The ISO or International Organization for Standardization is the largest developer of voluntary International Standards in the world, with members coming from 164 countries. The ISO 9001:2015 specifies that we as a business must have a quality management system in place that ensures the following:

  • that AMT meets the requirements of our customers,
  • that we adhere to all pertinent laws,
  • and that we follow regulatory requirements.

The ISO 9001:2015 also requires that we continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

We have met all these requirements and more. Our own company standards also guarantee that our products and services represent the best that the industry has to offer. That is our commitment to quality and excellence.

We have been in business for more than 60 years and we intend to stay in the forefront of our industry for many more years to come. There’s only one way of doing that, and that is by ensuring that all our products and services pass our quality standards.

The requirements set forth by the ISO 9001:2015 is a standard to which other companies aspire. For us at AMT, it is the bare minimum standard by which we operate, and we have the certification to prove it. Anything less is unacceptable at AMT, where superior quality is an everyday occurrence.

Controlled Goods Directorate (CGD): 

“The Controlled Goods Program (CGP) is a domestic industrial security program administered by the Controlled Goods Directorate (CGD) of the Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada. The objective of the program is to safeguard controlled goods within Canada and prevent controlled goods from being accessed by unauthorized persons. The CGP enforces the Defence Production Act (DPA) and is legislated by the Controlled Goods Regulations (CGR).”     –  Government of Canada

Advanced MetalTech has provided North America with military and controlled good manufacturing with the utmost quality over the last six decades.