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Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing

The agricultural industry has always been one of the neediest customers for high-quality metal components and services, and that need for greater efficiency has only grown due to the rise of fuel prices. At Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing, our emphasis on the utmost satisfaction of our customers has contributed to the excellent reputation of North American farms for efficiency and productivity.

Who Are Our Customers?

In general, our customers can be divided into two categories. The first are the original equipment manufacturers which specialize in producing standard agricultural equipment such as:

  • Row planters and seed drills, which are used to plant seeds quickly and with minimum effort.
  • Chisel plows, to till the soil. It is used to dig up and turn over the dirt to prepare the ground for planting.
  • Sprayers, to spread liquid chemicals over the crops. Some sprayers can be pulled by a tractor, while others can be mounted on a truck.
  • Combines are used for harvesting crops. It can also be equipped with extra useful features, so that it can be used to clean crops and even to sieve out manure and other surface residue.
  • Tractors, which are used to pull other special equipment such as the row planters, seed drills, and sprayers. This is one of the most important types of farming equipment, and they can come in a wide variety of sizes.
  • Other equipment, such as baler panels, hammer mill screens, fork support assemblies, stable troughs, fertilizer boxes, grain conveyors, silos, feed mills, and cotton pickers.

While original equipment manufacturers can offer a wide range of different products with different features, farmers can also customize the equipment further in order to fit their particular circumstances. Many farming companies have innovators within their ranks who design various tweaks for their equipment so that they will work even more effectively. At AMT, we can make those designs and plans a reality much more effectively and much more quickly.

The AMT Advantage

The long 60-plus years of AMT history stand as a testament to our support for the agricultural industry, as farmers and farming OEMs have always been part of our client base. And because customer satisfaction has always been our first priority, first-time customers tend to become lifelong clients.

That’s because we here at AMT have over the years developed a systematic approach to metal fabrication which always result in products that lead the industry. We insist on superior-quality components, and our facility is equipped to handle any project size you may need. It can be anything from a component for a production run, or a unique component perfectly suitable only for your farm. AMT is a one-stop shop, as we can provide anything you need—from our consultancy expertise for your design plans to actual production and installation of our equipment.

The agricultural industry is one of the most vital industries in the world for obvious reasons. Equally obvious is that there’s no better choice than to partner with Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing for your agricultural metal fabrication needs.

At AMT, we will meet your requirements while exceeding international quality standards—and in the process, we work together to feed the world.