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Mining Equipment Manufacturing

Man has had a long history of mining the earth for various minerals and deposits, and throughout most of that history the task has proven to be arduous, time-consuming, and dangerous. Today, mining doesn’t take quite as long and the work is much safer, thanks in large part to the efforts of underground mining equipment manufacturers who provide the very best in mining equipment.

While the history of Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing is not quite as long as the history of mining, we are proud that AMT has been a long-standing partner of numerous Canadian mining equipment manufacturers. These partnerships have resulted in the success of mining equipment manufacturers in providing the very best in tools and equipment.

Types of Mining Equipment

Here are some types of equipment which our gold mining equipment manufacturers and partners produce. In them are our own components and subassemblies, produced according to precise measurements and quality:

  • Miners and drills. Some subterranean miners use continuous miners, which are huge machines with rotating teeth. These teeth are made from truly hardy materials such as tungsten carbide. In some cases, the environment is so dangerous that these miners are operated by remote. Another type of miner is the longwall miner, which removes great rectangular swathes of coal. The parts include a series of huge cutting shearers as well as hydraulic system that supports the ceiling.
  • Mining accessories. These include drills used to reach underground deposits and to create a series of holes for explosives. The rock duster, on the other hand, prevents fires and explosions. They are used to dust over highly flammable coal dust to prevent any accidents.
  • Transports. Mineral deposits need to be taken from one point to another, and there are several types of equipment used for this purpose. In general, mining companies use haulage vehicles to do this kind of transport.
  • Loader trucks and air-moving fans, hose real assemblies, seat assemblies, tube axial fan housings, pollution control equipment

What AMT Can Do 

Makers of mining equipment need to produce equipment that can withstand a lot of hard use and abuse. These tools need to be strong, so that they actually work properly, and don’t compromise worker safety. They need to be constructed with truly reliable and dependable metal parts and components, such as the metal fabrications turned out by the superior production process used by AMT. If equipment here fails, then the mines can collapse and endanger the health (and life) of workers.

Mining the earth is often the only way for mining companies to get the precious jewels and minerals they want. For mining equipment manufacturing manufacturers, what are most precious to them are the various metal components and sub assemblies that can be relied upon to work properly and to last for long periods of time.

These are the precious jewels that Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing offers to them, and at surprisingly competitive prices.