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Laser Cutting Services

Laser Cutting Services
Laser Cutting Services
There was a time in the metal fabrication industry when lasers were the stuff of science fiction. Advanced MetalTech manufacturing has certainly seen and used non-laser metal cutting methods since we started back in 1952. We were there at the start of the laser revolution, and as a company dedicated to quality and innovation we embraced this new technology with great enthusiasm, and that’s why we now have evolved to be one of the leaders in laser cutting technology in the metal services industry.

How Laser Cutting Works

The principle behind laser is simple. The process involves the creation of a thin laser beam that burns and melts the material it is aimed at. The technology today enables the creation of strong lasers that can cut though tough materials and the thickness of the laser beam can be adjusted as needed.

The Advantages of Our Laser Cutting Metal Services

Our cutting lasers offer the kind of benefits that you may not be able to receive from the more traditional cutting methods. These advantages include the following:

  1. More precise cuts can be made. Traditional cutting tools may wear and dull after a time so that the cuts are no longer as precise, but lasers do not have this type of problem.
  2. Lasers result in less contamination. The use of traditional cutting tools that come in contact with the workpiece may result in contamination because of that contact. The workpiece or the cutting tool may be contaminated because of the process. When the workpiece is contaminated, the material is wasted and the work is delayed. When the cutting tool is contaminated, this can affect the quality of future cutting projects.
  3. Laser systems are also less likely to warp the sheet metal being cut, because the laser results in a very small area affected by the heat. This reduces the waste of materials, and also prevents delays in the metal fabrication process.
  4. Some types of high tensile strengh steel are very difficult or even impossible to cut with traditional cutting tools. With the lasers employed by Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing, cutting even these strong materials is much easier.
  5. There’s greater consistency of results as well as less chances of human error, due to the use of automation.

With Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing’s insistence on quality and innovation, you can be sure that we employ properly trained workers who use the most reliable and advanced laser equipment for your laser cutting needs.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is our legacy and we aim to continue that tradition.