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Metal Sawing Services

Metal Sawing Services
Metal Sawing Services
Sawing represents a basic process in metal cutting, and it will probably remain an important factor in metal fabrication for many years to come. In metal sawing, the process usually involves a circular saw that cuts through the metal to fit a large range of application and product requirements.

The Factors Involved in Metal Sawing Services

Sawing a piece of metal in the workshop may be as simple running a circular saw through a piece of metal, but the needs of original equipment manufacturers are much greater than that. In order to fully satisfy a customer’s needs, several factors must first be considered. At Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing, we make sure we look into every pertinent consideration in order to fully satisfy a customer’s requirements.

  • Priority. There are many types of metal saws, and to pick the right one we first evaluate the quality of the cut required as well as the volume requirements. At AMT, we can use the right tools in order to produce huge volumes of the final component. We can also employ the proper equipment when the accuracy and the cleanness of the cut is the highest priority. At Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing, we can even prioritize both!
  • Blade selection. One of the most crucial decisions in metal sawing is matching the proper kind of blade to the job. The kind of material will be a very important factor here, as well as the kind of saw being used. At AMT, we have the expertise and experience to recognize when a fine-toothed blade will be appropriate or when a coarser tooth would be more suitable.
  • Maintenance. Because metal sawing involves metal to metal contact, the saw blade turns dull eventually. We are assiduous in our monitoring of the quality of our blades, and we know when a blade needs to be sharpened or replaced altogether.
  • Accuracy. The cut must be made precisely where the customer wants it, and the quality of the cut should also conform to customer specifications. We offer automated metal saws which can achieve precise cuts repeatedly in the quality required by the component.

The AMT Experience

Since Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing founding in 1952, we have been using metal cutting tools. That’s more than 60 years of dedicated customer service, and these years in the industry have made us the leading experts in sawing metal to the precise configuration our customers require. Our facilities use the most advanced and most well-maintained cutting tools in the industry, and our workers have the knowledge, skills, experience, and the dedication to produce the best metal sawing results you can ever expect.


At AMT, quality work and customer satisfaction are guaranteed, and that’s a tradition we will never abandon even as we are well under way to a new millennium.