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Machining Services

Machining Services
Machining Services
Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing offers several secondary metal services aside from the primary fabrication processes. Machining is one of them, although in some ways it cannot be rightly considered a secondary process at all. Judging from the amount of money spent annually on machining services, it is perhaps the most important process used in manufacturing.

What is Machining?

Imagine a sculptor with a fresh block of marble or wood as a workpiece. Then he chips away parts of the workpiece until he ends up with a great work of art, such as the Pietà of Michelangelo. That’s essentially what machining is, although it is also called metal cutting when the workpiece is a metal.

In metal machining, cutting tools are employed to remove unwanted materials from a metal workpiece in order to end up with the shape required by the customer. The workpiece is usually from a bigger piece of stock, which can come in several standardized forms. It can be a flat sheet of metal, a shaped beam, a hollow tube, or a solid bar. The workpiece may also already be an existing component.

With machining, many different types of standard features can be created. This includes flat surfaces, slots, holes, and pockets. A component may also be able to feature complicated contours on its surface.

The use of conventional machining tools is the most common, and that’s when small chips of the workpiece are cut away with a cutting tool. In some instances, non-conventional machining processes are employed, when unwanted materials are removed through heat or the use of chemicals.

The Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing Advantage

As a leader in the metal fabrication industry, Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing offers several benefits to customers:

  • We have available space in our vast 60,000 square foot facility for advanced and automated machining equipment for your needs. We have the ability to handle machining projects of various sizes, from very small and complicated components to huge structural frames.
  • With our long 60-plus years of experience, we have developed the expertise necessary to determine the most cost-efficient and effective means for your machining requirements.  We have the ability to maintain and even improve the usefulness and functionality of any parts. This is accomplished by finding efficient ways of cutting costs and production time, which allows us to speed up the process and enables us to offer our services at competitive prices.
  • Our commitment to quality control is unmatched. Our facilities and processes are ISO 9001:2008-certified, and our own internal quality management standards are unparalleled in the industry.
With Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing, all your machining needs will be provided for in the most efficient means possible, and at competitive prices too. We have the ability, the equipment, and personnel to make it happen.