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Metal Coating Services

Metal Coating Services
Metal Coating Services
At Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing, coating is included among the many kinds of metal manufacturing services we offer. We employ wet- electro-static coating process and can provide high quality primer and finish coats at competitive prices.

We also have partner companies that offer powder coating, which results in a hard finish that is more durable than conventional paint. Metal coating can be applied for a wide range of parts and products, including household appliances, automobile parts, and many other industrial metal components.

Uses of Metal Coating

There are many reasons why a part or component may need some form of coating:

  • The coating may serve as an overall protective layer.
  • It can serve to protect the component from corrosion.
  • The coating can be made to resist many types of chemicals that can cause damage to the component.
  • It can also act as a sort of lubricant in order to lessen friction and heat.
  • It can also be used as a decorative feature for a finished product.
If you need coating for any of your metal components, we offer you the best regardless of the size of the project or the purpose of the coating. We at Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing believe in forging lasting relationships, and we achieve that by making sure we give you what you need each and every time.