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Production Tapping Services

Production Tapping Services
Production Tapping Services
Metal tapping is the process of cutting screw threads by the use of a tap. The tap cuts the thread on the inside of a hole, which creates a “female” surface that acts like a nut (as in nuts and bolts). While it can be done manually, at Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing our machine tapping service provides customers with speedy and more accurate results.

The Difficulties in Tapping Operations

Many of our competitors experience the sort of tapping problems that have historically beset the metal fabrication industry. We should know, because Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing has been in business for more than 60 years. Often, the quality of the tapping is inconsistent, and taps are also susceptible to breaking.

There are many possible causes for these problems, such as:

  • Inferior-quality or non-standard taps are used.
  • Workers are unaware that the taps they are using are worn out.
  • The taps are clogging with chips (the materials cut off from the metal).
  • The tap and the hole are misaligned.
  • The machine feed and tap feed are mismatched, resulting in tap breakage.
  • Different metals require particular lubricants during tapping operations, and the wrong lubricant can cause problems.
  • The wrong speed is used.


The Superiority of Our Tapping Service

The problems listed above are those that beset other companies, but not Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing. We consistently offer the best quality tapping service for our customers, and we always complete the job according to schedule.

  • One of the main reasons why we are better is that our equipment is highly advanced and well-maintained, and that our personnel are all trained in the proper use and maintenance of all our equipment. That helps guarantee consistent high-quality results whenever tapping is done.
  • Our quality management systems are unmatched in the industry. We have the certifications to prove it, but our own internal standards have always been more stringent and more exacting than our competitors. We are the leaders in the metal fabrication industry, and we expect more from ourselves.


That’s why our quality management teams are the best. They meticulously look over all the equipment to make sure that excellent quality work can be produced every time. They check each worker to make sure that everyone has the proper skills and credentials to operate and maintain the tapping equipment. Our processes are also continuously checked and improved so that we can produce better and faster products.


At Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing, your tapping needs will be met according to your standards, and according to schedule. We do it right, we do it quickly, and our prices are very competitive.