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Press Brake Services

Press Braking Services
Press Brake Services
With Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing’s enduring commitment to customer service, it should come as no surprise that we offer a quality press braking service along with all the other processes used in metal fabrication. Our press braking services can range from simply bending a sheet or panel of metal according to your exact specifications, to producing an entire component in a single piece without the need for welding or assembly. The component can be as simple as a bracket to something as ornate and complicated as a metal housing.

How Does It Work?

The process for bending a metal sheet is simple. A metal sheet or panel is secured to a notched surface as a ram is pressed upon the metal sheet. The kind of bend produced will depend on several factors, such as the design of the dies (the shape at the end of the ram, the shape and depth of the notch on the work surface), and the force and distance traveled by the ram into the surface. With computerized controls, many of these factors can be entered to produce precisely the right kind of bend required by the customer. The automation process can bend a sheet of metal continuously until it becomes a finished component, without any sort of welding that can delay the process or that can potentially become a structural weakness.

Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing Does It Better

We have been in the metal fabrication industry for more than 60 years, so it’s to be expected that our press brake services meets and exceeds expectations in terms of quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Our press brake tooling equipment is always top of the line, with ample tonnage force to bend even tough types of steel to the right configuration. We also use the precise die design to get the shape you need for your components.
  • Our personnel are the current upholders of the AMT legacy of quality work, and we make sure that all of our workers have the credentials and the abilities to operate and maintain the machines properly.
  • Our dedication to quality work is a hallmark of our long history, and our quality management teams and systems are duly certified. Our people continuously monitor all our equipment, workers, and processes to ensure that the best work is achieved in the most efficient ways possible.
  • We always maintain our focus on producing what the customer needs and wants, and we have the ability to get it right the first time and every time. We consider our customers as partners, and when we satisfy their requirements they often become not just loyal long-term customers but also enthusiastic endorsers of our work.


Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing is a leader in the metal fabrication industry, and our press brake capability is just a sample of what we can do in order to give our customers exactly what they require.