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Metal Shearing Services

Metal Shearing Services
Metal Shearing Services
Sometimes metal stock needs to be cut without forming chips (a byproduct of sawing) or without burning (laser) and melting (plasma). That’s achieved by a process called metal shearing. In its very essence, it’s called shearing if the process involves cutting blades that are straight. However, the process is called a shearing-type operation when the blades are curved.

If you’ve ever used scissors or paper cutters, then you’ve seen shearing in action. That is essentially how metal shearing works, although the forces required in shearing metal sheets, plates, and even rods are much greater. The cutting force is applied perpendicular to the metal, which causes the metal workpiece to yield and break. With shearing, the stock can be cut to the proper size. Shearing equipment can also be used as a first step in the stamping process.

Factors to Consider

Metal shearing services have to consider several factors in order to determine the proper tools to use.

  • Type of material. The stock can be made from steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, zinc, titanium, copper, cast iron, or many other types of alloys.
  • The size of the material. The length and width of the material must be accommodated, and the shearing tools must be able to handle the thickness of the material.
  • The required speed. This determines the volume of sheared-size components that can be produced in any given time.
  • Kinds of shear cuts. There are straight cuts, but customers may require special shear cuts such as square cutting and miter cutting.

Why Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing?

Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing is a firm believer in quality and efficiency. We can produce the precise sheared-size parts you need, and we can do it quickly so you don’t experience any delays in getting the components you need for your own products. Our facilities use the most reliable shearing tools to produce what you need in the timeframe you require. We are also located in a prime transportation hub that guarantees the on-time delivery of our work.

Often, shearing isn’t a stand-alone process that’s required by the customer. This makes Advanced MetalTech Manufacturing your best option, since we offer an entire spectrum of metal fabrication processes and services.


We can shear the metal to your satisfaction and provide other services you may need, and then we can deliver your final products to your doorstep as quickly as possible.